we use the workshop to bake a digital until crisp

This is complex stuff and what makes it more complex is getting everyone on the same page. That's why we use our tried and tested delivery method which is the workshop. Through our dedicated day together as a digital leadership team we can shape, define, and determine what and how we are going to achieve success and what it looks like.

You will become a pioneer in no time!

its all cooked up in the clockwork pie workshop

We know that you don't really want to read through a 100 page strategy report, so we do something much more flexible and organic which is to bake it live with you in our dedicated strategist workshop. Here we will cover the KPI's, the metrics, the analytics, the UX, the performance and the objectives to ensure that as a digital team we are aligned with what success looks like and how we get there.

Phase one


We start with the objectives and what success looks like. Simply done through a creative discussion around the table we put our great minds together and conceive the big idea.

Phase two


Now its time to get real about how we are going to bake it. Time to lock in place the KPI's and the digital strategy to ensure we have a clear plan and the dashboard to measure it. We always add half a cup of analytics.

Phase three


We now turn the heat up and start cooking the plan. In line with our objectives we launch, strategise, tweet, email, campaign, lobby, or sign up our stakeholders to the many thousands of tactical conversion techniques we use.

Phase four

Roll Out

Being generous with the portions we make sure we hand roll the digital through multi channel with a clear focus on digital to blend and bond all of our unique ingredients together on a fully integrated front and effective CRM.

Phase five


And now for the taste test The stakeholders have it in their hands ready to chomp on. Cherry picking invalble feedback, tracking, split testing, UX and analytics we get the conversion metrics we set out to bake.

you cant make a pie without breaking some eggs

You know its ok to admit that sometimes you have to try things, experiment, have a go, and just see what happens. At Clockwork Pie we have a wealth of knowledge of what gets results and what an audience is receptive to. And with our strategic approach we can ensure measurable research and development takes place based upon what gets results.

Our lovely friends

  • We are part of the Big Mallet Group and are proud to have the support of a digital design and build specialist in Drupal. With years of experience between us and countless projects delivered together, Clockwork Pie works with Big Mallet to jump start Drupal builds and monitor digital performance.